THE INFLUENCE OF DANCE ON POETICS, PERFORMANCE AND ART (1830-1930): A Revisionist Explanation of the Modernist Aesthetic (Balzac, Mallarme, Colette, Duncan, Fuller, Duchamp)

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Examining the poetics of modernity in terms of the incorporation of movement and dance, this work explores how dance and literary scholarship are part of the interdisciplinary field of dance poetics. Reviewing French literature of the 19th and 20th centuries the author's notion of "kinepoetics" demonstrates how the dynamism of dance and pure movement are expressions of the literary text.

Table of Contents

Chapter Titles:

1. Toward a Kinepoetics of Time and Movement

2. Kaleidoscopes at the Ball

3. Balzacian Transcription of Time's Passage

4. Late-Century Ballet's Poetic Promise

5. Writing Time and Space

6. Mallarme and the Kinepoetics of Rhythmic Sensation

7. Kinepoetic Dynamism in the New Century

8. Embodied Emergence, Valeryan Kinepoetics and the Time of Dance

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