THE EIGHTEENTH- CENTURY LANGUAGE TEXT OF JÜDISCHER SPRACH- MEISTER A West- Yiddish Dialogue Together with an English Translation and Introduction

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Though little studied, this text is important not only for the fields of Yiddish literature and linguistics, where it offers a lengthy continuous text in a language lacking a particularly robust corpus, but also for the history of German-Jewish relations, highlighted by the irony of an anti-Semitic work preserving a Yiddish linguistic resource. The present volume includes a reproduction of the original text in a modern orthography and an English translation, together with an introduction, notes, and a glossary of the many Hebrew words in the text.


“When it is noted at all by scholars of early modern Western European Judaism, this literature is regularly treated dismissively, considered beneath contempt, and accorded very little consideration. But their lack of sympathy or frank hostility toward Jews does not make these works valueless. Even the worst of them provide a glaring view into a time and place where comfortable, unapologetic anti-Semitism flourished.” – Prof. Jerrold M. Sadock, University of Chicago

“Jordan Finkin’s edition of this work provides a combination of pleasure and utility with its idiosyncratic and incongruously humorous translated text, the lucid analysis of its commentary, and the valuable resources of its Yiddish, German and English versions and glossary.” – Prof. Naomi Brenner The Ohio State University

Table of Contents

Sprach-Meister Foreword
Sprach-Meister Text

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