Syntactical Comparisons Between Classical Hebrew and Classical Arabic. A Study Based on the Translation of Mohammad Cid’s Arabic Grammar

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A resource for students and scholars of Semitic Languages that provides a better understanding of the elaboration of Biblical Hebrew.


“Being that [Griess] has been affected by all three communities, concepts and related languages—Christian, ewish and Islamic—the author is able to take readers both to and through the world of the respective peoples, tongues and thought processes. After discussing the nature of the relationships between the Hebrew and Arabic, he goes on to discuss the structure, through a careful and compelling analysis of the ebrew and Arabic.” – Prof. Jeffrey Seif, Christ for the Nations Institute

The translation into English of Mohammad cId’s Arabic Grammar is by itself a great service to anyone wishing to study classical Arabic. Many of the standard Arabic grammars and lexicons used in western academe are written by westerners who tend to organize and analyze data according to westerners rather than Arabic categories. So from a linguistic standpoint, Dr. Griess has rendered a valuable service to students wishing to learn Arabic and to instructors who could use the book as a textbook.” - Prof. James K. Hoffmeier, Trinity International School

Table of Contents

Preface by Prof. Tony Maalouf
Chapter I:
a. Introduction to Nominal and Verbal Clauses
b. The Nominal Clause
c. The Verbal Clause
d. What is Related to the Verbal and Nominal Sentences
e. Special Grammatical Topics
Chapter II: Analysis
Chapter III: Conclusion

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