Synoptic Gospels Compared

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For over two centuries of controversy has raged over priority of writing among Matthew, Mark, and Luke (the Synoptic Problem), with no solution to date that does not bristle with difficulties. But there is one approach that has not been considered: that Mark wrote the first Gospel, Luke revised and expanded it into his version, and Matthew re-edited Marks Gospel, also using and editing Luke along with it.


“This is a very well written but surprising comparison of the Synoptic Gospels worked out in careful detail. In hindsight one wonders, when so much has been written, why it has not been attempted before…Following Occam’s Razor it assumes as little as possible which is not in evidence. Secondly the conclusions follow naturally from the assumptions. Thirdly it leaves no loose ends and accounts for all the data…. the value of this work is that an uncomfortable hypothesis has been boldly thrown into the melting-pot and a detailed working book has been provided for those brave scholars who dare to walk a new road. I enjoyed perusing this well-written text and commend it to others. It would make an excellent text for a seminar.” – Sean P. Kealy, C. S. Sp., Duquesne University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Part One: Marks Gospel and its Parallels
· Preparation for the Ministry
· Early Ministry
· Early Opposition
· Early Parables
· Further Miracles
· Section Omitted by Luke
· Intimations of the Cross
· Early Days in Jerusalem
· Prelude to the Passion
· Passion, Death and Resurrection
Part Two: Lukes Gospel and its Parallels
· Infancy and Childhood
· Preparation and Early Ministry
· Parables and Miracles
· Sayings and Parables
· Jesus in Jerusalem
Part Three: Matthews Gospel
· First Part of Matthew
· Last Part of Matthew
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