Summarie of the Chronicles of England, Diligently Collected, Abridged and Continued Unto This Present Yeare of Christ, 1604, by John Stow

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This book is an annotated edition of John Stow’s Summarie of the Chronicles of England (1604). Stow (1524/5–1605) was a citizen historian who offers a concise, narrative history of England from the earliest time to the reign of James I, who succeeded Elizabeth in 1603. This abridged chronicle offered readers of lower social and economic status an accessible national history than was available in his own larger works or those of other writers of his time.


“When we read John Stow today, we gain a valuable insight into the mind of a citizen of London at the dawn of the modern age, and we share his love of the past. We also learn how important it is to preserve the records of our own age for the instruction of future generations.” - Roger B. Manning, Professor, Emeritus, British and European History, Cleveland State University

“John Stow, best known for his Survey of London, was also significant as a compiler of historical chronicles and annals in Tudor and early Stuart England. Amazingly, there is not a scholarly edition of his Summarie of the Chronicles of England, so Barrett Beer has prepared one. As one of the world’s leading authorities on Stow, Professor Beer is certainly well-qualified to undertake the task.” – Professor Michael F. Graham, Department of History, University of Akron

Table of Contents

Preface by Roger B. Manning
Editorial Technique
The Seven Ages of the World
A Description of England, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall
The Race of the King’s of Britain
William I
William II
Henry I
Henry II
Richard I
Henry III
Edward I
Edward II
Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
Edward IV
Edward V
Richard III
Henry VII
Henry VIII
Edward VI
James I

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