Subversion Y Creatividad En Los Cuentos Escritos Por Mujeres Del Caribe Hispanico

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In this study, the author sustains that the women writers of the Spanish Caribbean have a distinct style and a very particular narrative discourse that differs from the male discourse that has traditionally dominated the literary realm of this region. Her theoretical approach is based on the Kafkian notion of “minor” literature, developed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (1986). The body of her analysis includes the works of the Puerto Rican authors Ana Lydia Vega and Carmen Lugo Filippi, the Dominican authors Aurora Arias and Ligia Minaya, and the Cuban authors Sonia Rivera-Valdés, Odette Alonso, Jacqueline Herranz Brooks, Manelic Ferret, Ena Lucía Portela, and Karla Suárez Rodríguez. The author concludes that through humor, parody, satire, the open treatment of themes traditionally considered taboo, variety of styles and the unrestricted use of a language that seizes the popular, the vulgar and the ordinary to represent the feminine universe, among other subversive strategies, these authors have created a voice of their own, different from the dominant male discourse. With their production the Hispanic Caribbean has an alternative to the phallocentric literature and has made significant gains toward the expansion of the canon.


“Consistent theoretical approach, good understanding of the historical and literary context, attention to detail, an open mind and the ability to capture subtle differences in cultural and gender related matters are some of the outstanding qualities of the author of this book.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Susana Reisz, Legman College, CUNY

“ ... this book underscores the significance of the literature produced by these [women] writers and it also illuminates the relation of and dialogue between these works and literary relations among Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries, and the literature produced by Caribbean people in the United States.” – Professor Elena M. Martinez, Baruch College and CUNY, Graduate Center

“This study states that in the Hispanic Caribbean women writers have established a voice of their own, which deserves appropriate acknowledgement and recognition; at the same time, it demands the place that up to now has been neglected. The works gathered in this study represent an important re-vision of the Hispanic Caribbean. This work is an important contribution and it should be indispensable for every scholar who studies literature written in Spanish.” – Professor Ángel L. Estévez, The City College, CUNY

Table of Contents

Prólogo por Susana Reisz
Foreword by Susana Reisz
1. Marco teórico: noción de literature “menor” según Deleuze y Guattari
2. Narradoras cubanas contemporáneas
3. La desafiante y renovadora presencia de Ana Lydia Vega y Carmen Lugo Filippi en la literature puertorriqueña en la década del 70
4. Aurora Arias y Ligia Minaya: narradoras dominicanas contemporáneas
5. Conclusiones
6. Bibliografía general
7. Índice alfabético de materias

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