Study of the Narrative Structure of Una Meditacion by Juan Benet

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Juan Benet was one of the most influential contemporary Spanish novelists. Due to his emphasis on the importance of style and the process of creation, Benet has been called the father of Spanish modern narrative. Though the literary criticism devoted to Benet’s work is extensive, this is the first in-depth study of Una meditación. It explains the complex world of the novel by examining its narrative structure and techniques such as the plot, role of characters, narrator’s point of view, and the treatment of time and space. There is also an introduction to the Spanish post-war political and literary climate to emphasize Benet’s innovative role as a novelist and the social and political reality that influenced his works.


“. . . one of the most complete and rigorous work I know on Una meditación , the complex novel by Juan Benet, Prof. Walkowiak’s work will open new avenues for the study and appraisal of the Benetian world. . . . Prof. Walkowiak’s conclusions are solid, convincing, and , at times, illuminating. In some, Prof. Marzena M. Walkowiak’s work will open a new and significant trend for the study of Una meditación.” – Dr. Gerardo Piña-Rosales

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Main Headings)
1. Juan Benet and His Time
2. Plot as Metaphor
3. Time and the Process of Characterization
4. Narrator
5. Spatial Representation
Conclusion: The Creative Metaphor of Una Meditacion
Bibliography, Index

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