Study of Lonergan’s Self-Transcending Subject and Kegan’s Evolving Self a Framework for Christian Anthropology

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This study examines a remarkable parallel between Robert Kegan’s theory of the Evolving Self and Bernard Lonergan’s notion of the self-transcending subject. The framework for a new Christian anthropology presented here is holistic and integral, based in scriptural and traditional understanding of God as the source of human origin and the goal of human destiny.


“. . . makes a contribution to Catholic moral theology by focusing on the concrete and existential concerns of those very dimensions of human development accessible in consciousness. This work is neither so technical that nonspecialists (whether theologians or psychologists) will be dismayed by jargon, nor so plebeian (whether theologians or psychologists) will be disgruntled. Berchmans has an easy and conversational style – clear, direct, engaged, and flexible. . . . . would serve as a valuable text in courses on theological anthropology, psychology, and human development. . .” – Dr. M. Shawn Copeland

“. . . a scholarly work that is of interest and value for any college faculty in the disciplines of psychology and theology and particularly for the faculty in a Catholic liberal arts college/university. . . . Dr. Berchmans incorporates Scripture, the works of the early Greek Fathers, the psychologist Robert Kegan and the theologian Bernard Lonergan to expand the understanding of the human person as created in the image of God. . . . through his study and writing, Dr. Berchmans has contributed valuable insights for the on-going dialogue between faith and culture in which faculty of Catholic colleges and universities are engaged.” – Sister Maureen Anne Shepard

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface by Philip Rossi, S. J.
1. A Framework for Christian Anthropology
2. Subject as Self- Transcendent
3. Person as Meaning-Maker
4. Self-Transcending Meaning-Maker
5. Human Existence: The Ever-Unfolding Mystery of Grace in Exile

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