Study of Llewelyn Powys His Literary Achievement and Personal Philosophy

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Llewelyn Powys emerged from the same creative mold as that of his two literary brothers, John Cowper and Theodore Francis. Yet, he was a forceful and significant writer. This study is one of interpretation -- of Powys's work in the light of his philosophy, and an interpretation of his philosophy in the context of his life and personality. The structure is not confined to a chronological description, nor to an examination of works out of context, but rather a mosaic structuring around certain nodal themes - often contradictory, but which he sought to balance if not reconcile: themes such as epicureanism and mysticism, action and contemplation, happiness and the `struggle for life.'


"The publication of this marks a milestone in Powys studies because it gives us the first full-length critical examination of the writing of Llewelyn Powys. . . skilfully and lucidly identifies the many inter-connecting strands which made up the man, the writing, and the myth, without ever losing sight of the way that these elements conspired to make up one man's life and work. . . . In addition to the main text, this book has a number of other features to commend it. First and foremost, among the appendices is the most extensive bibliography of Llewelyn Powys' writing to be published so far, which includes his contributions to periodicals and newspapers. . . . The reader finishes this book with an enriched understanding of Llewelyn Powys, and with the sensation of having read something which is as much a product of creative processes as a work of conventional criticism." - The Powys Society Newsletter
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