Study of German Political-Cultural Periodicals From the Years of Allied Occupation 1945-1949

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Focusing on five journals, Aufbau, Ost und West, Der Monat, Der Ruf, and Frankfurter Hefte, it reveals the scope and nature of opinion in Germany during occupation rule and before formal division. These journals provide a representative sample of opinion on a range of subjects. Prominent among these issues are Europe, cultural and political representation, collective guilt and denazification. Some areas of enquiry, notably Third Way politics and the exploration of guilt and national history, were subsequently undervalued in the dominant historical narratives of the Cold War. With their wide range of contributors and concerns, these journals chart this intense debate, highlight the course of cultural politics in East and West, and shed light on the extent of Cold War intrusion on the post-war recovery of German thought and discourse.


“She argues convincingly that these periodicals were not merely political tools of the Allies; instead, they gave voice to legitimate German concerns in the early postwar years. Flanagan’s analysis uncovers a fascinating array of debates and topics….Her study is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the diverse strands of German cultural and political thought in the early postwar years.” – German Studies Review “Her study draws on significant new material found in both public and private collections relating to the foundation and early editorial policy of the journals. She has also been able to benefit from extensive conversations with Melvin J. Lasky and other figures involved in the publishing and writing of the journals. Most important of all, Flanagan’s detailed analysis of the contents of the journals reveals the contours of the contemporary debate and, perhaps surprisingly, the extent of the common ground shared by the authors, despite all personal and ideological differences.” – Dr. Joachim Whaley

“The study breaks new ground in the detailed investigation and comparison of five periodicals which have been chosen as representing a wide spectrum of political opinion and of literary or cultural aspirations and as products, or victims, of the Western and Russian zones of occupation. Each of these periodicals was edited by leading intellectuals and attracted contributions from the best German writers and thinkers of the time. . . . Throughout she makes use of archival material which is little known or has only recently become available. . . . Hers is a new reading of the intellectual scene in Germany in the immediate post-war years and one based on detailed scholarly investigation of both published and unpublished materials. Future scholarship on this area will have to take account of, or issue with, her book.” – Dr. John Hibberd

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Brian Keith-Smith
1. Cultural Politics and the Press
2. Aufbau
3. Ost und West
4. Der Monat
5. Der Ruf
6. Frankfurter Hefte
7. The Common Ground
Bibliography; Index

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