Studies on Patristic Texts and Archaeology: if These Stones Could Speak . . . Essays in Honor of Dennis Edward Groh

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This collection of essays celebrates scholar Dennis Groh’s ability to inspire his students and colleagues and offers new perspectives on some of the crucial questions in the fields of Patristics and the study of early Jewish and Christian archeology, material culture, history, and theology. This book contains twelve color photographs and sixteen black and white photographs.


“Dennis Groh’s work has contributed to unsettling the 'received wisdom' on relations between early Judaism and early Christianity: the Palestinian “stones,” he and other archeologists have argued, suggest a far more complex relation than some earlier scholars imagined. In particular, scholars of late antiquity have learned that the evidence from texts must be weighed in relation to that provided by archeology. As Thomas Longstaff reminds readers in his concluding essay, while history tends to concentrate on the unusual, the 'great,' archeology often reveals more about the everyday. Several essays in this volume address this issue.” – Prof. Elizabeth Clark, Duke University

Table of Contents

Foreword - Elizabeth A. Clark , Duke University
Dennis Edward Groh - Constance DeYoung Groh
List of Illustrations
List of Contributors
Introduction - George Kalantzis & Thomas F. Martin
1. A Surprise for Simplician - J. Patout Burns, Vanderbilt University
2. Holy Impudence, Sacred Desire: The Women of Matthew 1:1-16 in Syriac Tradition - Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University
3. Between Two Thieves: Novatian of Rome and Kenosis Christology - James L. Papandrea, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
4. Counting the Years from the Destruction of the Temple: Jewish Piety and Polemics in Late Antique Palestine - Jason Moralee, Illinois Wesleyan University
5. Baptism ad Sanctos? - Robin M. Jensen, Vanderbilt University
6. A Pagan and Christian 5th-6th Century Bread Mould? An Artifact Reconsidered - Robert C. Gregg, Stanford University
7. Archaeology and Religion - James F. Strange, University of South Florida
8. Women’s and Children’s Costumes: Indications of Social Status in the Piazza Armerina Mosaics - Lucille A. Roussin
9. A Silver Amulet From Sepphoris, Israel - C. Thomas McCollough & Beth Glazier-McDonald, Centre College
10. These Stones Can Speak - Thomas R. W. Longslaff, Colby College
A Bibliography of the Works of Dennis E. Groh

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