Studies in the Philosophy of Law From Enlightenment to the Contemporary Period

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Drs. Dumitrescu and Craiovan presents this edited collection of papers from the international conference on “The Philosophy of Law from Enlightenment to the Contemporary Period.”


"The Conference focused on promoting Philosophy of Law as the juridical spirituality, a specific product of culture, and a reflection on the human meaning of law, at national and universal coordinates. Also, the Conference focused on the message of Enlightenment, centered on rationality and humanity which are very present perennial values in contemporary times, as resources of legal thinking, of social and legal creativity.

The present volume includes a selection of the most representative scientific papers delivered by participants from numerous foreign countries."
From the Foreword

Table of Contents


Message. Mortimer Sellers

The Multi-Disciplinary Prof ile of the Philosophy of Law in the Enlightenment Age: The Contributions of Leibniz, Cantemir, and Monesquieu in Asserting That Character Corina Andriana Dumitrescu

Freedom of Religion and Persecution of Christians Titus Corlatean

Logic and Truth in Law for the Postmodern Age Michael Heather

Romanian’s Philosophy of Law as Juridical Spirituality Within Historical Time Ion Craiovan

Enlightenment’s Other: The Birth of the Modern Prison Mechthild Nagel

From The Marrakesh Declaration to The Joint Declaration of Al-Azhar: New Perspectives for the Protection of Religious Freedom in the Islamic States Raffaele Santoro

Pragmatism and Law – A Comment on The Rise of American Pragmatism Lorenz Schulz

Freedom of Speech in Finland as A Part of Europe—Connection with Dimitrie Cantemir Marja-Liisa Tenhunen

Human Rights and Religions: An Intercultural Perspective Paolo Palumbo

The Relevance of Francesco Gentile’s Thought on The Role of The Philosophy of Law in The Context of Contemporary Juridical Studies Giovanni Tarantino

Features of The Modern Understanding of The Concept of Equality in Ukrainian Law Serhii Bodnar, Dmytro Kostya

On The Need and Achievements of Legal Philosophy Alexander Brostl

Particularities of Private International Law in The Context of The Monistic Conception of The Civil Code: A Problem of Philosphy of Law or of Legislative Systematization? Ioan Chelaru

The Law in A “Liquid Society” Aurel Teodor Codoban, Anca Georoceanu

On The Sentiment of History To Romanians Boddan Cuza

From The “Academic Law” of The Renaissance to The “Science of Law” in The Age of Enlightenment Dana-Maria Diacconu

  Approaches Regarding The Principles of Law Lucreţia Dogaru, Andrea Kajcsa

Equitable Justice as Justiciability Nicoleta-Elena Heghes, Anton Parlagi

Do Constitutional Traditions Have an Explanatory Role for The Philosophy of Public Law and An Evocative Role for The Political History of The People? Christian Ionescu

Aspects Regarding The Implicit Law, Wise Governing and The Philosophy of The Land in Cantemir’s Work Agata Popescu

Controversy on The Nature of Human – Civic or Legal Identiy? Patrică Trusca, Anton Parlagi

Concerns Regarding The Philosophy of Law in The Work of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Astrid Isabela Bogdan

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