Studies in Lifelong Learning in Africa: From Ethnic Traditions to Technological Innovations

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This work examines and decodes African ways of thinking and learning, beliefs and value systems, while faulting the ambivalence that has attended the study of the subject in the past. It uses pedagogical, historical, sociological and critical thinking, and postmodern, postcolonial, and feminist theoretical approaches to interrogate ways in which lifelong learning has been experienced in Africa.


“. . . a useful contribution to the debates in learning and education in Africa and fills a huge gap, as the first to address lifelong learning from an African perspective. It is a must reading for all universities in Africa as well as experts in education.” – Prof. Ruth N. Otunga, Moi University, Kenya

“. . . critically appraises the theory and methods of Western social inquiry and knowledge reproduction and advocates for ingredients of indigenization and legitimization of the lifelong learning in the African continent. The book provides a significant shift toward infusing practical measures that include African-centered perceptions and priorities.” – Prof. Tirelo Modie, University of Botswana

“The interdisciplinary approach to the research, which includes the heavy use of oral and other primary sources, as well as secondary materials, adds to the adaptability of this book to all fields in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.” – Prof. Emmanuel M. Mbah, CUNY College of Staten Island

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ruth Otunga
Introduction by Moses O. Oketch and Maurice Amutabi
1. Reflections on the Role of Lifelong Learning in Africa – Maurice N. Amutabi and Moses Oketch
2. The Place of Lifelong Learning in Promoting Social Justice among African Societies – Frederick Muyia Nafukho
3. A History of Lifelong Learning in Africa – Maurice N Amutabi
4. Information Explosion Era and Lifelong Learning – Moses O. Oketch
5. What Counts as Lifelong Learning in Africa? – Susan Chieni-Cookson
6. Lifelong Learning in Current Social and Political Environments in Africa – Fibian Lukalo-Munoko
7. Some Providers of Lifelong Learning (LLL) Programs in Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa – Hannah Carew
8. Access and Opportunity for Lifelong Learners in Africa – John Mwaruvie
9. Gender, Feminism and Lifelong Learning in Africa – Elinami V. Swai
10. Globalization and Lifelong Learning in Africa – Kenneth Inyani Simala
11. From Schooling for Some to Lifelong Learning for All: A Paradigm Shift for Education and Development in Africa – Atieno Adala and Auma Okwany
12. Philosophical Perspectives of Lifelong Learning – Winston Jumba Akala
13. Conclusion – Maurice Amutabi and Moses Oketch

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