Street Corner Marionettes of Mexico. A History of the Puppetry Company

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This is a translation from Spanish of the book titled, Marionetas de la Esquina Tras Bambalinas, which documents Las Marionetas de la Esquina, one of present-day Mexico’s longest enduring puppet theater groups. It’s the story of a small group’s obsession in perfecting an art form, in this case, one especially aimed at entertaining children.


“What a joy to find the history of these fascinating individuals who created worlds that formed a part of Latin America, more real in many ways than the political and economic frameworks that contained their everyday lives.”
-Prof. William H. Breezley
University of Arizona

“The book’s most compelling achievement is its detailed explanation of the company’s choice of stories and the serious consideration of the appropriateness of various puppetry techniques.”
-Prof. Miguel Romero
University of Massachusetts

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword by William H. Breezley
Marionetas de la Esquina Behind the Scenery
Illustrations for The March of Marionetas de la Esquina
Illustrations for The Circus
Illustrations for Many Times upon a Time
Illustrations for Strings and Staffs
Illustrations for The Garden
Illustrations for the Ravine
Illustrations for The Unexpected Visitor
Illustrations for A Chapter in the Life of The Great Circus of Marvels
Illustrations for Stories in Colors
Illustrations for Free Rein
Illustrations for The Comedy of Errors
Illustrations for A Custom Born of a Custom Banned
Illustrations for The man from Tierrablanca
Illustrations for My Grandparents’ Century
Appendix – Photographs

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