Stones in the Bridge a Jewish Woman's Crossing Poems

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"Stones in the Bridge is Helene Shrier's testimony to the power of the Divine. The very 'naked air between two trees' vibrates with being in these sparkling poems, which are deeply personal yet open-heartedly inviting. We feel the depth of her insight into the mystical within the ordinary. Graceful and sprightly, filled with images that are sharply surprising, these poems are indeed 'stones in the bridge' connecting us with the ancient ones, the exoteric with the esoteric, woman with God." - Sherry Chayat

She draws wisdom from the lives of our Biblical forefathers and mothers, and from older generations in her own family. Some of her poems are prayers of supplication or praise; others, meditations reflecting the complexity of life. . . . This is a volume to be savored, like a fine wine. It's a volume to read, and reread." - Joan Burstyn

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