Stages of Development and the Termination of Wars Between States: A Strategy for Conflict Management

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This study examines the causal relationship among pre and intra-dispute information and decision-makers’ decisions in determining the evolution of militarized disputes. Revealing that pre-dispute information is related to intra-dispute decision-making, this work serves as a guide for leaders during times of militarized disagreements by gearing them toward empirical modeling to incorporate analytical accounts into historical events.


“This study is a great example of how the rigor of the social sciences, notably statistical analysis, can be used to gain insight into the world’s most pressing problems. . . . No previous study with a focus on dyadic Militarized Disputes (MIDs) explores outcomes in terms of three possibilities as vigorously as this one.” – Professor Patrick James, School of International Relations, University of South Carolina

“Probably the most important contribution of this work is that the author identifies observable, ex-ante factors--particularly regime type, power, and military quality--that are useful in predicting the outcomes of militarized disputes. . . . In each chapter, Kim examines the role of informational dynamics and in the process of dispute initiation, escalation, termination, and outcome, and then goes on to test the theoretical expectations using case studies.” – Dr. Stephen L. Quackenbush, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Missouri-Columbia

“Although this idea of updated information has been treated by old scholarly works, the interpretation of using airpower in decision-making logic can be a bridge with existing coercive diplomacy literature.” – Dr. Sung-pyo Hong, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Military Strategy, Korea National Defense University

Table of Contents

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Preface by Patrick James
1 Outcome of Militarized Disputes
2 Initiation of Military Disputes
3 Escalation of Militarized Disputes
4 Termination of Militarized Disputes
5 Summary and Implications

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