St Augustine’s Doctrine of Eternal Punishment: His Biblical and Theological Argument

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The thesis of this work is that Augustine’s doctrine of eternal punishment is not the result of his employment of the Platonic concept of the immortal and divine soul but the product of his theological conviction, based on sound exegetical conclusions, that the Bible clearly teaches the eternity of hell.


“Cho’s work insightfully points the contemporary discussion about endless punishment back to Augustine, who brilliantly addresses many of the very same questions being asked today. – Prof. Christopher W. Morgan, California Baptist University

“Cho offers a convincing argument that the great Western father’s doctrine of eternal punishment is not derived from Greek philosophy.” – Malcolm B. Yarnell III, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary One of the major contributions of this work is Dongsun Cho’s placing Augustine in a framework being formed before the bishop’s career, but which Augustine articulated and developed, particularly in his City of God. A reader can thus appreciate Augustine’s role in theology as that of bringing into focus major themes that were developing before his time; as formulated by the bishop, those themes became dominant characteristics of theology, particularly in the West.

"A major contribution is Dongsun Cho’s placing the arguments in a contemporary context. He makes the important point that the similarity of a theological doctrine to a philosophical view does not indicate dependence of the former upon the latter. The examination of a theological point requires one to review both Scripture and contributions by theologians as well as the relevant philosophical works." - Prof. Robert W.Bernard,Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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