Sonetos Espirituales/ Spiritual Sonnets

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The major contribution of Spiritual Sonnets resides in the aesthetic quality of the poetic translations. The Sonetos espirituales is one of Jiménez's important books of poetry, which develops the specific and limited theme of the poet's soul in loving contact with nature, itself, and an idealized beloved. These translations follow Jiménez's original Petrarchan form faithfully.


"Cobb . . . places the 55 sonnets offered here in a convenient format for English and Spanish readers: the Spanish on the left and the translation on the right. . . . Cobb's translations are thoughtful and express the poet's feelings. Recommended for all libraries." - Choice

"The publication of these sonnets calls attention to a neglected but nevertheless important volume by the 1956 Nobel Prize winner and makes it accessible to a new generation of readers. . . . His English renditions of Jiménez's Petrarchan sonnets are first and foremost poems in their own right rather than facile prosifications. A master of the sonnet form, Cobb closely adheres to Jiménez's rhyming pattern without sacrificing the essence and beauty of the Spaniard's lyricism. . . . Spiritual Sonnets adds yet another laurel to the distinguished body of translations of Spanish poetry that Cobb has produced over a period of some three decades. . . His latest effort solidifies his reputation not only as a translator but also as one of the most prolific sonneteers in the English language." - from the review by Melvin S. Arrington, Jr.

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