Socialist Shakespeare Productions in KÁdÁr-Regime Hungary: Shakespeare Behind the Iron Curtain

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This study examines how productions of Shakespeare’s plays subverted or strengthened the official doctrines of late Socialist Hungary.


“Veronika Schandl’s book offers a varied and detailed insight into Hungarian theatrical uses of Shakespeare in the last thirty years of Communist cultural rule.” – Prof. István Géher, Eötvös Lóránd University

“Schandl informatively and sensitively explores the historico-cultural contexts in which the plays and performances were perceived as meaningful for the moment. . . . I warmly recommend this book, as there is not much written about the Hungarian history of the reception of Shakespeare, whose vacuum is perfectly filled with Veronika Schandl’s current study.” – Prof. Zsolt Almási, Pázmány Péter Catholic University

“. . . goes beyond the somewhat exhausted subversion-versus-containment dichotomy and offers a more sophisticated understanding of the cultural and political significance of the plays and theater performances.” – Prof. Zoltan Markus, Vassar College

"Veronika Schandl proves to us that Shakespeare is always relevant and current, especially in the isolated Eastern Bloc, so much so that his heroes sometimes become Hungarian characters. Schandl puts a strong emphasis on analyzing stage direction, performance, historical fact ... Schandl has made her research available in English for all those interested, opening up a very important period of Hungarian literary history to the broadest possible public." -- Prof. Balint Szele, Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied Sciences

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor István Géher
Géza Bereményi: The Song of Wily William
1. “The World’s Back is Curved”: Shakespeare in Socialist Hungary
2. “To Cover His Dark Secrets He Acted a Fool”: Hamlet on Hungarian Stages between 1952-1977
3. “Which Grave, As You See, is Our Stage Prop Today”: Hamlet on Hungarian stages between 1981-1983
4. “In this Picturesque Country Show Me a Man, Who Could Compete with Shakespeare William”: the Hungarian Hamlets of the Kádár-regime
5. “Staring Into Our Own Trembling Reflections”: The Problem Plays in Kádárist Hungary
6. “The Chippings of Our Scattered Mirrors”: All’s Well that Ends Well in Late Socialist Hungary
7. “What Vast Labyrinths Zigzag in Our Hearts”: Troilus and Cressida in Late Socialist Hungary
8. “We Look for the Keys, for Clues and for Hints”: Measure for Measure in Late Socialist Hungary
Appendix A: Chronology of the Productions Discussed
Appendix B: Cast Lists of the Productions Discussed

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