Social and Psychological Account of Gender Transition: The Diary of a Transsexual Academic

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This work documents one man’s transition to womanhood. Diary entries complement each stage of the experience. Never before has a transgender narrative been presented in such depth or detail.


“Through dulcet prose, Teague demonstrates the intricate process of becoming a woman. By deconstructing gender, the reader can witness and feel the emotional changes from “man” to “woman.” Gender transition touches many lives – family members, spouses/partners, children, friends and co-workers. Teague has included all of these issues in the book, displaying with remarkable clarity the range of reactions people have with trans-issues.” –Jennifer Sager, Ph.D., licensed psychologist, The ITM Group, Gainesville, Florida

"The journal entries are heartfelt, humorous, and honest and the narratives provide a strong context. Teague is unique in that she has a very public job as an academic and therefore an public transition." Book News Inc

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