Social and Linguistic Heritage of Native Peoples in the Americas

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This book brings together ten essays relating to the manner in which postcolonial research is conducted and information put forth on the representation of indigenous cultures in the Americas. Divided into three parts, Part One describes the current state of affairs of postcolonial studies in the North American region; Part Two explores Mesoamerican culture, and Ñuu Savi and Zapotec studies in particular; and Part Three looks at the Andean region.


“The insights in this book about how the postcolonial conditions of indigenous peoples and their political mobilization influence collective identities provide the context in which indigenous peoples are to be understood ...” – Prof. Dr. Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, Utrecht University

Table of Contents

Preface; Introduction

Part I – Native Heritage and Colonialism in North America
Human Remains: Spiritual and Scientific Paradigms – Celestina Flores
Research in Native American Communities: Learning from Blackfoot Perspectives – Lea M. Zuyderhoudt

Part II – Native Heritage and Colonialism in Middle America
“We” and “Them” in the World of Ñuu Savi: A Critical Revision – Juan Julián Caballero
The Zapotecs of Oaxaca: A Critical Review of Our Identity – Manuel Ríos Morales
The Studies and the Studious Ones of the Ñuu Savi Culture and Language – Ubaldo López García
Origin as Heritage: Community Archaeology in Apoala, Mexico – Alexander Geurds and Laura Van Broekhoven
Native Culture and Colonial Structure – Gabina Aurora Pérez Jiménez and Maarten Jansen
The Temazcal and the Concept of Secularization: A Discursive Analysis – Joke De Vriese

Part III – Native Heritage and Colonialism in South America
Garabombo: Mission Impossible – Adriana Churampi Ramírez
Postcolonial Linguistics: An Andean Perspective – Willem F.H. Adelaar

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