Social Studies for the 21st Century - A Review of Current Literature and Research

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The area of social studies is probably the curriculum area that has seen the least amount of change over the last 25 years. The purpose of this book in bringing together these diverse areas in relation to social studies is to contribute to a renewed dialogue and excitement about social studies and its essential contribution to global citizenship for the 21st Century. This work began as a broad review of the international research and literature on topics that the authors determined should be considered when reconceptualizing social studies teaching and learning for the 21st century. The contents of the review were developed through an examination of international and national social studies journals, textbooks, research handbooks, publications and conference programs to ascertain topics that have impacted the social studies community within the last decade. These topics were grouped to determine the five main sections of this review including purposes and goals of social studies, role of the disciplines, curricular influences on social studies, and epistemological views as influences on teaching and learning, and children’s ways of knowing. A comprehensive reference list for each of the five areas is provided as well as a summary of possible implications of the literature for K-12 social studies teaching and learning.


“[This work] is a welcome and badly needed contribution to social studies scholarship that will serve quite well either as a reference work or as a fine introduction to the field of social studies itself. And, because the authors have written the text in a clear, accessible style, it is a work that will find an enthusiastic reception among academics, pre-service teachers and classroom teachers alike.” – (From the Commendatory Preface) George H. Richardson, PhD, University of Alberta

“Writers and researchers in the field of social studies education have needed a publication like Roberta McKay and Susan Gibson’s international review of social studies literature for a very long time. [This work] draws together current ideas from the world of social studies writing and research and organizes these into a coherent structure. ….A work like this, which identifies the nature of social studies and the issues involved in learning and teaching social issues, is long overdue. I will be recommending McKay and Gibson’s work to my colleagues and students.” – Hugh Barr, Educational Consultant, Hamilton, New Zealand

Table of Contents

1. Revisioning the Social Studies for the 21st Century
2. Reimagining the Role of the Disciplines in Social Studies
3. Responding to Established Curricular Influences on Social Studies
4. Reconceptualizing Views of Knowing as Influences on Social Studies Teaching and Learning
5. Reconsidering Children’s Ways of Knowing as Influences on Social Studies Learning

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