Social Influences on the Writing of Marion Dane Bauer and Katherine Paterson

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Examines books and papers these well-known authors of children’s books have donated to the University of Minnesota’s Kerlan Collection. They include correspondence with friends, editors and readers, and notes and drafts of essays and lectures. It examines the social influences, and describes the paradigm shift from a model of writing as a solo process to one that sees writing as highly social in nature. Its description of the social nature of Bauer’s and Paterson’s writing provides a timely model and important and well-documented implications for the teaching of writing.


“This groundbreaking piece of research utilizes author/editor correspondence as well as interviews in order to examine the interactions between authors and editors as one form of social influence on the development of a work of fiction. . . . contributes to our knowledge of the writing process in a very substantial way. . . . The study is unique in examining not only the editor/author interaction but also extending to the influence of the marketplace, family, friends, students, and readers. . . . . The manuscript is organized in a logical scheme that invites the reader to delve ever more deeply into those factors. It is written in a clear and readable style, yet with an elegance of phrasing not always found in an analytical piece of this nature.” – Dianne L. Monson

Table of Contents

1. Writing as a Solo Act: A Review of the Literature
2. Writing as a Social Act: A Review of the Literature
3. Social Influences on the Writing of Marion Dane Bauer
4. Social Influences on the Writing of Katherine Paterson
5. Reflections and Considerations
Appendices, Bibliography; Index

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