Sleeper, You Wake

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" `Sleeper' marks her poetry's coming of age. The collection is dark, moody, disturbing, with the words `dark,' `deep,' and `down' running through the book like a leitmotif. Like the rough dim hues of her paintings, Rogers' poems paint a mysterious, eerie world." - David Falchek in The Daily Star

"These are exquisitely crafted, arresting poems, with something of the subtlety and suggestive quality found in Emily Dickinson's work. Rogers' poetry reminds me of a small, intense flame, burning fiercely inside an intricately wrought glass chimney. The chimney --that is, her craft -- is pleasing in itself. But it is the flame that matters." - Enid Dame in Oxalis

"The poems in Bertha Rogers' first collection often convey a physical shock. Their truth is kinetic more than intellectual. Pantheism is pressed into a passionate mystic vision. The effect is exhausting. The result transcendent. By daring and necessity Rogers dazzles, not by pyrotechnics, although the surface diction and imagery stun, but by penetrating experience in increments . . . . Many of them are like ancient spells, softly spoken, yet iron-made." - Home Planet News

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