Six French and English Translations of Don Quixote Compared: A Study in the History of Translation Theory

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This study addresses some of the practical problems encountered in translating a literary work, whether within the same historical time frame or centuries later. Cervantes’ masterpiece is carefully compared to translations in French by Cësar Oudin, Francois Filleau de Saint-Martin and Louis Viardot and in English by Thomas Shelton, Peter Motteux and John Ormsby.


“[This] book will inspire scholars to go back to the text of the adventures of Don Quixote and its possible interpretations, and to pay closer attention to its language via the comparison with the various translations discussed here. This study will bring new food for thought to readers not only interested in the linguistic aspects of Cervantes’ book, but also to readers more inclined to discuss content questions, because this investigation revives many unanswered yet eagerly pursued issues regarding the semantic aspects, while providing new linguistic material to tackle them with more depth.” – Prof. Brigitte Roussel, Wichita State University

Table of Contents

Preface by Brigitte Roussel, PhD
Chapter One The Translation of Thomas Shelton 1612
Chapter Two The Translation of César Oudin 1614-1618
Chapter Three The Translation of Francois Filleau de Saint-Martin 1677-1678
Chapter Four The Translation of Peter Motteux 1700-1703
Chapter Five The Translation of Louis Viardot 1836
Chapter Six The Translation of John Ormsby 1885
Summary and Conclusions

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