Six British Travellers in America, 1919-1941

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This study takes six interwar commentators – Aldous Huxley, Dennis Brogan, J. M. Keynes, Harold Laski, Bertrand Russell, and D. H. Lawrence – and deploys a variety of methodologies (political science, law, philosophy, economics, fiction and literary criticism). It seeks both to shed light on the intellectual ambience of the period while, simultaneously, depicting America itself as it was interpreted by these six visitors.


“. . . represents the fruits of a decade of scholarship, tackles a worthwhile and original subject and constitutes an authentic piece of scholarship thoroughly grounded in both primary and secondary sources. The type of intellectual history that Dr Tulloch writes is highly accessible and the stuyl is lively, engaging and down-to-earth.” – Peter Coates

“Dr. Tulloch is the first to bring these varied thinkers together by examining their unique and specific understanding of the United States. The methodology employed is both varied and novel, and one finishes the book with both an enhanced understanding of these varied thinkers and a fuller awareness of the complexity and diversity of the United States at a seminal critical juncture of the Twentieth Century.” – John Pemble

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Aldous Huxley: Diverse Laws; Brave New World; Third Alternative
2. Harold Laski: From Pluralism to the Positive State; American Democracy; Laski, Holmes and the Judicial Function
3. Denis Brogan: Lastys of the Republican Ascendancy; Nationalising of America; the Political City
4. Bertrand Russell: Mysticism and Logic; Freedom and Organisation; Assault on American Pragmatism
5. D. H. Lawrence: Quest for Rananim; Taos; Mexican Nightmare
6. J. M. Keynes: Justice and Expediency; Loans and Reparations, 1917-1933; Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1941
Bibliography and notes in each section; Index

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