Sir John Dodderidge Celebrated Barrister of Britain, 1555-1628

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This is a study of an important legal figure during the reign of James I, who was also interested in American colonization and is well-described in the book. Dodderidge had important communications with Queen Anne, Prince Henry, James I, Sir Walter Raleigh and others. Since Dodderidge was connected all his life with legal decisions about Virginia, he represented a firm link between England and America. He served on the King's Bench until his death and was highly regarded by other judges in Sir Edward Coke's time.


"Of all exciting times to have lived in England, few surpass the period spanned by the life of Sir John Dodderidge (1555-1628). It spawned events that were to establish the British empire and thus change the shape of Western civilization. To read Richmonder Elizabeth Wheeler's account of the role that Dodderidge played in a large number of these is to be awed. . . . .Mrs. Wheeler's meticulously researched portrait will go a long way toward redressing Dodderidge's neglect." - Welford D. Taylor

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