Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Romania, 1778-2008: A Study in Translation, Performance, and Cultural Adaptation

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This book traces and examines Hamlet in translation, performance and cultural adaptation in Romania. The book transcends national boundaries – linguistic and theatrical – and completes the understanding of Shakespeare and Hamlet in a global context at a time when the page and the stage life of this play has entered a new Renaissance.


“. . . an excellently researched, informative and lucidly presented study, invaluable to scholars interested in its immediate subject and as a rich source of reference for anyone researching the European reception of Shakespeare.”

–Dr. Boika Sokolova
University of Notre Dame in England

“. . . will set a standard for future performances studies in Shakespeare as the reconstruction of cultural memory, not only for Romania but also for the rest of Europe.”

–Prof. J. Lawrence Guntner
Technical University of Braunschweig

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