Semantics and Pragmatics of Verbal Categories in Bulgarian

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This study examines the choice of tense, aspect and mood categories in subordinate clauses as a function of the utterance meaning. Examines the grammatical (or morphosyntactic), lexical, semantic and pragmatic components. The data have been taken from contemporary Bulgarian prose and tested extensively with native speakers of Bulgarian. Sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic factors are included in the discussion. The study provides not only a significant resource for real language data, but also addresses the theoretical implications of a "context" approach. This study is intended for both the Slavic and general linguist, and a knowledge of Bulgarian is not assumed.


". . . an importatnt addition to scholarship on Bulgarian as well as to the general study of verbal categories. This work on Bulgarian should not be overlooked by those unfamiliar with Bulgarian but with an interest in the theoretical issues raised. . . . This book makes a valuable contribution not only for specialists but also for students interested in the complexities of these verbal categories and the corresponding complexity of the theoretical models designed to account for their use." - Slavic Review

"The book is impressive both empirically and theoretically. Fielder draws on a large corpus of Bulgarian data and . . . provides the reader with a comprehensive study of the many factors that can influence the selection of verb form in a given environment. . . . The book is well-produced, with few typographical or editorial errors. There are many figures and tables which summarize the main points. A helpful glossary appears at the end. . . One added and unexpected pleasure in reading this excellent book is the exposure to a range of Bulgarian prose from the last fifty odd years." - Canadian Slavonic Papers

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