Selected Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins with Modern English Paraphrases- Volume One

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This text gives a line-by-line paraphrase, in modern English diction, syntax, and punctuation, of the major poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. The original poems are on the facing page, making this a useful tool for helping readers unfamiliar with Hopkins decipher his sometimes difficult work. Much Hopkins scholarship consists of giving suggested readings of the poems, and most teachers and expositors find it necessary to do this paraphrasing anyway; here is a volume with that work already available. A second use of the book is for scholars themselves. The paraphrases this volume offers may suggest to scholars readings with which they can compare their own interpretations.


“Walhout’s production of this volume which contains ‘modern English paraphrases’ of 20 of Hopkins’ poems – including The Wreck of the Deutschland – is therefore welcome. From a technical point of view, Walhout uses two desirable devices: as in bilingual texts like those of the Loeb Classical Library, the original Hopkins is here given on the left-hand side and the paraphrase on the right-hand side; and a strict line-for-line equivalence is maintained. . . . Walhout is very successful in giving us Hopkins’ meaning – as with the recalcitrant ‘Tom’s Garland’. For anyone seeking a quick entrée to the poems covered here, this book is a valuable primer.” – International Journal of the Classical Tradition

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