Secret Life

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"I grew up in the seasonal dramas of north country life -- the return of snapping turtles my father rescued from the highways each spring; fall rituals of storm windows, bonfires; winter blizzards and summer tornadoes; the first green grass at the edge of a shrinking snow bank. I now see that I was fascinated by mystery -- the thing that is not as it appears, the thing that is more than it appears, the thing waiting to be revealed. I am always watching, waiting for the secret patterns to appear. Behind that fascination is a search for connections, a kind of desperate or passionate belief that they exist, that if I keep watching, faint traces of a larger dimension will appear like coded messages held against the light." - CWL

"Each of these poems offers a sensitive portrayal of some sort of relationship, spatial, emotional, or symbiotic. Each of these poems demonstrates a sleight of linguistics, patterns beautiful and strange and compelling." - Dusty Dog Reviews

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