Scottish Regency of the Earl of Arran A Study in the Failure of Anglo-Scottish Relations

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Based on manuscripts in the British Library and published documentary collections, this book examines the role played by the Earl of Arran in the collapse of Anglo-Scottish diplomacy during the last years of Henry VIII's reign and the rule of Protector Somerset. In late 1542, Henry pursued a scheme to stop the war and subvert Scottish independence based upon the marriage of his son Edward and the infant Mary Queen of Scots. Despite initially appearing pro-English, Arran frustrated Henry's scheme until the Scots could resist more successfully, through a renewal of the old alliance with France.


"Based almost entirely on printed sources, this well-crafted study of a critical episode in the military-diplomatic history of England and Scotland will be of interest to upper-division undergraduates and above." - Choice

"This clearly-written and well-organized study of Anglo-Scottish diplomacy constitutes a significant contribution to a deeper understanding of the mid-sixteenth century." - Albion

"Professor Franklin has written a full and interesting account of Anglo-Scottish diplomacy during Arran's regency. He has gleaned well from both printed sources and from original letters in the British Library, and he has made a definite scholarly contribution to our literature of the Tudor period." -- Glen Eaves

"This work presents a careful and lucid account of the political relations of England and Scotland during the later years of the reign of the Tudor monarch Henry VIII. . . . His work contains three appendices and a lengthy bibliography useful to anyone in

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