Schleiermacher, Romanticism, and the Critical Arts

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In two Parts, this celebratory volume offers a first-time account of Friedrich Schleiermacher’s contributions to the critical arts, and it advances scholarship on early German Romanticism. Half of the 445-page volume is in English, half in German.


During a lifetime of constant publication, much of it on Schleiermacher, the honoree, Hermann Patsch, has served as a humanities professor at a Munich Gymnasium, a secondary school specializing in music. He himself is a musician, historian, philologist, philosopher and theologian. He has also edited volumes of writings in Schleiermacher’s Kritische Gesamtausgabe.
In addition to its 19 essays in these two thematic areas, two of them by Patsch, it also presents an account by co-editor Hans Dierkes of Patsch’s life, a bibliography of Patsh’s writings, an introduction by co-editor Terrence N. Tice comparing “Enlightenment, Romantic and Modern Elements in Schleiermacher’s Thought,” and two new documents listing Schleiermacher’s attendance at concerts and his preaching activity while a chaplain at Charity Hospital (1796-1802) by Wolfgand Virmond, who also formatted the book’s final text.
Accompanying this material are two review articles, one by Patsch on the “Romantik-Handbuch,” the other by Simon Gerber on Matthias Wolfes’ masterful two-volume work on Schleiermacher’s political life and thought. Finally, the volume also contains four essays relating new research in progress regarding Schleiermacher’s theology, one of them by Wolfes on Schleiermacher’s relationship to Judaism.

Table of Contents

Hermann Patsch (Hans Dierkes)
Hermann Patsch — Wissenschafthiche VerOffentlichungen 1965—2005
Introduction (Terrence N Tice)

Part One — Schleiermacher and Romanticism

Philipp Otto Runge in Dresden (KonradFeilchenfeldt)
Kunstreligion: Schleiermacher and Caspar David Friedrich (DavidE. Klemm).
How Friedrich Schleiermacher Used Musical Aesthetics (Phil Stoltzfus)
Schleiermachers Predigt in Fontanes ‘Vor dem Sturm’ (Gerhard vom Hofe)
Schleiermacher and Romanticism (Eric Sean Nelson)
Schleiermacher As Romantic (Philip Clayton)
Schleiermacher und die Romantik im Urteil Gundolfs (AlfChristophersen)
Friedrich Schie gels Sonett ‘Reden uber die Religion’ von 1800 (Hans Dierkes)
Die ‘mimische’ Weihnachtsfeier (Hermann Patsch)
Schleiermacher und die Bestattung Rahel Varnhagens (Patsch)

Part Two — Schleiermacher and the Critical Arts

Zwischen Hermeneutik und Dialektik (Christian Berner)
Taking up Schleiermacher ‘s Challenge to the Canon (Robert M Price)
A Reading of Schleiermacher ‘s ‘Life of Jesus’ Lectures (Catherine L. Kelsey)..
Schleiermacher‘s Early Romanticism (Peter Foley)
Philosophy within the Field of Experience (Sergio Sorrentino)
Probleme der Philosophie Schleiermachers (Andreas Arndt)
Schleiermacher‘s Review of Daniel Jenisch (Edwina Lawler)
Schleiermacher und Sokrates (Andreas Arndt)

Research in Progress

Schleiermacher and Judaism. (Matthias Wolfes)
Theology in Schleiermacher‘s and Heidegger‘s Thought (Normunds Titans)....
Calvin and Schleiermacher: Against Speculation (Christophe Chalamet)
Adam and Eve in the Theology of Schleiermacher (Heleen Zorgdrager)


Schleiermacher und die Musik nach den Tagebuchern (Wolfgang Virmond)
Schleiermachers Predigttermine zur Charité-Zeit (Wolfgang Virmond)


Matthias Wolfes: ffentlichkeit und Burgergesellschaft. (Simon Gerber)
Romantjk-Handbuch. (Hermann Patsch)

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