Lord is My Shepherd (psalm 23)

This study of Psalm 23 as a literary text begins with an introduction to the piece in English, with emphasis on a clarification of its substance and its structure. Next, the poem as it appears in different versions of Holy Scriptures – King James, Revised English, Jerusalem Bible, The Good News Bible etc. – are focused on. Then, variants of the Psalm within collections of religious poetry, such as psalters and congregational hymals for worship and collections of poetry by writers outside of the Church, are examined. Finally, the overall relationship between psalmody and poetry are examined, and the question of why Psalm 23 has transcended its times and escaped chronological bonds to become a classic work of Western world literature is posed.


“ ... for the literary scholar … such a highly popular text as Psalm 23 allows for the study of shifts and of variances in point of view, requires attention to and careful analysis of the text, provides the opportunities to examine the reasons behind changes, and permits the development and expression of critical thought relative to the positive and negative results of these changes.” – From the Introduction

Table of Contents

1. Psalm 23: An Introduction
2. In Scripture
3. In Psalters, Hymnals, and Other Places
4. Conclusions
5. List of Works Consulted
6. Index