Russian Publicistic Satire Under Glasnost. The Journalistic Feuilleton

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This study examines the significant changes that have occurred in this genre in terms of its structure, narratology and thematics during the period of glasnost. It demonstrates that the feuilletonist's position has changed decisively from that of an advocate of the status quo to an antagonist of the Soviet state, the Party and the official economic apparatus. A lengthy introduction examines the development of the journalistic feuilleton in Russia from its origins in the eighteenth century through the Soviet period. Feuilletonists whose works are analyzed in depth are Leonid Likhodeev, Lev Novozhenov, Eduard Grafov, Marina Lebedeva, Leonid Treer and Iurii Makarov. The work closes with a an appendix of annotated and translated examples which will make the text accessible to scholars in related fields. This study makes a significant contribution to understanding current Russian literature and their rich satiric tradition.

Table of Contents



Part 1

Chapter I: The Evolution of the Soviet Feuilleton

Chapter II: Function of the Soviet Feuilleton

Chapter III: Typology of the Soviet Feuilleton

Chapter IV: The Tools of the Trade

Chapter V: The Language of the Feuilleton

Chapter VI: The Soviet Feuilleton Under Glasnot'

Part 2

Chapter VII: Likhoddeev

Chapter VIII: Novozhenov

Chapter IX: Grafov

Chapter X: Makarov

Chapter XI: Lebedeva

Part 3

Leonid Likhodeev

The Wolf and the Hare
Perigees and Apogees

Lev Novozhenov

To Swim or Not to Swim?
A Few Thoughts on the National Question

√ąduard Grafov

I'm Such a Global Guy

Iurii Makarov

Disposable Strawberries

Marina Lebedeva

Let's Drink, Kind Old Woman

Leonid Treer

In Search of Hard Currency
In the Land of the Poltergeist



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