Royalist Volunteer/un Voluntario Realista

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Galdós's Episodes nacionales are the epic of modern Spain, describing the major events of 19th-century Spanish history from 1805 to 1870. Though immensely popular in Spain, they are virtually unknown in the English-speaking world. A Royalist Volunteer is the first National Episode from the second series to be translated into English. It is a fast-paced story set in 1827 during the `War of the Aggrieved', an aborted prelude to the bloody Carlist War of the 1830s. It is unique among the National Episodes in that its fictional element predominates over its historical background. Facing-page text and translation.


"This volume is well translated. . . Her endnotes and selected bibliography, as well as the introduction by the eminent Galdosian specialist Brian J. Dendle will be of use to those who need background on the historical and literary dimensions of the novel. Since the volume contains the Spanish text on left-hand pages and the English translations on facing right-hand ones, it may be used in intermediate classes of language. General readers of history and those in classes of general and world literature will also find this book of value." -- Choice

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