Royal Succession in the African Kingdom of Nso’: A Study in Oral Historiography

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This study, which also outlines the general problems of oral history, will be of interest to writers and students of oral history, particularly ethno-historians and anthropologists. This book contains two black and white photographs.


“This volume is a major scholarly work, which reflects the strength and assiduity of Cameroon academic debate and is also indicative of the vitality and resilience of Nso’ political culture.” – Prof. Sally Chilver, Oxford University

“[This work] presents to a wider readership an extraordinary opportunity to overhear and perhaps to participate in a conversation between ritual experts and keepers of the historical tradition as a long established African city state has adapted its institutions and procedures to work within colonial and then independent postcolonial regimes.” – Prof. David Zeitlyn, University of Kent

“. . . will be of great value to students, scholars and researchers in the fields of African politics, history and culture.”- Prof. Ian Fowler, Oxford

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sally Chilver
1. Introduction
2. The Transfer of Power and Authority in NTO’ NSO’
3. A Royal Prerogative
4. The Leopard Pelt Principle
5. Succession Council Membership
6. Conclusions
I. Kaberry’s 1946 and 1958 Fieldnotes
II. Epitomes of and Extracts from Dr. Kaberry’s 1960 NSO’ Fieldnotes Part II, by E.M. Chilver: Interview with Faay Taawo? the Elder of Yee Held on 31 August 1960 Concerning the Installation of S?mbum III
III. District Officer, Bamenda Division, to the Resident, Cameroons Province
Sources Consulted
Bibliographical Appendix

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