Romantic Regional Poetry of Peter Rosegger (1843-1918): Heimatdichtung and Dorfgeschichte

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The often ignored literary treasures of Austrian Poet, Peter Rosegger, have been rediscovered for the resurgent reader’s interest in this inspiring book. Once relegated as a poet of ‘mere’ rural literature we discover now a poet who transcends the genre of rural literature with considerable prophetic insight into the socio-political infrastructure of his day with a profound understanding of the challenges facing a futuristic directed society.


“The way the words flow across the page makes me think I am hearing a peasant tell of his world in his way using his own words…I thank Dr. Ramos for her excellent book on a writer we both have read and loved. I hope this study of Peter Rosegger as writer, pedagogue, Christian, and peasant finds the many readers both her book and her author deserve.”
-Dr. Dean Garrett Stroud,
Professor Emeritus of German,
University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse

“In her work, Dr. Ramos, successfully presents arguments that Peter Rosegger’s literary talent overshadows his modest, peasant upbringing. The author’s research and narrative support of Rosegger as a poet who offered his time and the encounters confronting a revolutionary society…it was a pleasure to read and to ponder, sure to appeal to those with a special devotion to poetry and literature and those initially making Rosegger’s acquaintance.”
-Jeanette A. Karjala,
Professor Emerita,
Winona State University, MN

“Presented with great communication skills, the author’s profound interest in Rosegger enhances this book’s appeal…[It] is a well-structured and comprehensive study. Prof. Ramos’ articulate, extremely clear and elegant discourse welcomes a wide range of literature and history scholars…There is no doubt that it is a pioneer work.”
-Dr. Marina Martín,
College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, MN

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreward by Dr. Dean Garrett Stroud
Chapter One:
Heimatdichtung – its Nature and Origins
Where is Home?
Early Medieval Poetry
The Peasant in the High Middle Ages
The Peasant in the Late Middle Ages
A New Respect
The Peasant and the Reformation
Pastoral Poetry
The Peasant and Simplicissimus
The Peasant in the Late 17th Century
Agricultural Reforms
Cameralists vs. Physiocrats
More Calls for Reform
The Peasant’s Moral Image
Pedagogical Reforms
The Image of a Free Peasantry
The Rise of Nationalism
The Peasant in Romantic Literature
The Peasant as Patriot
The Advent of the Dorfgeschichte
Urban vs. Rural Poets
Poetic Realism
Chapter Two:
The Poet’s Mission
Rosegger’s Early Years
Getting an Education
Robert Hamerling
New Friends and Associates
New Success – New sorrows
Building Plans and Second Marriage
Works of the Hartleben Years
Rosegger – An Anti-Semite?
Fame and Fortune
Renewed Interest in Religious Themes
Pan-Germanic Interests
Social Activism
Final Revisions and Honors
Chapter Three:
Stifter and Rosegger
Origins of Stifter Enthusiasm
Childhood Parallels
Transcending the Regional
The Narrative Framework
The Human Chain
Renouncing Passion
Happiness through Useful Work
Nature – Sacred and Feeling
Pacifism and Innocence
True Greatness
Withdrawal from Turmoil
Fear of Happiness?
Honor and Moral Worth
Oneness with Nature
Views about Children
Views on Materialism
Religious Views
Chapter Four:
Rosegger’s Religion
Religious Heritage
Rejection of the Artificial
Practical Religion
Departure from Orthodoxy in Inri
Der Gottsucher
Mein Himmelreich
Chapter Five:
Tradition vs. Change in Jakob der Letzte
The Farmer’s New Dependency
Rosegger’s Explanation
Does Rosegger Have a Solution?
Guildeisner’s Case
Angerl’s Fate

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