Romantic Imagery in the Works of Walter De La Mare

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This monograph, covering all de la Mare’s poetry and prose works, reveals his complex and serious side. It concentrates on his master images: the Cage; the House; the Traveller; Paradise; the Visionary Face. Introductory chapters study de la Mare’s personality and ideas, his linguistic technique, the Georgian scene, and the influence of the Symbolist Movement on his work.


“It is time for a thorough and understanding survey of Walter de la Mare, and the study by Anne Bentinck admirably is just that. . . . her careful analysis and discussion of the whole Georgian movement is splendidly done. She is right to point out the ambiguity of the definition, and still more accurate in her depiction of de la Mare’s place in the movement. . . . Secondly, her section on the connection between Thomas Hardy and de la Mare is very well done and much needed in that it helps one see the philosophic depth and thought that lies beneath the seemingly simple surface of de la Mare’s poetry.” – Michael Timko

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
Preface; Foreword
1. Introduction: The Secret Self: ‘A Portrait’
2. Imagination and Reality: The Idea and the Word : ‘Labyrinth’
3. Poor Bird. . . : The Prison and the Cage: ‘The Cage’
4. The Home of the Heart’s Desire: ‘Comfort’
5. The Hunger of the Heart: The Traveller, His Quest, and His Journey through Time: ‘The Song of Finis’
6. The Garden of his Banishment: Paradise, Eden Exile: ‘The Exile’
7. Fair or Dark Angel: The Visionary Face; ‘The Vision’
Afterword; bibliography; index

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