Role of Ch'i in Mao Tse-Tung's Leadership Style

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This study contends that the personality, thought processes and creative policies of Mao were substantially moulded by the ch'i elements of hyperbole and astronomical power found in traditional political leaders and Chinese literature. Mao's functional ch'i provided him with the methodology of creating astronomical power by effectively organizing the Chinese masses for his hyperbolical task of the Chinese revolution which was "part of the world revolution."


"The author ... has made out his case very convincingly. He has shown an astonishing knowledge of traditional and contemporary Chinese ideas, and based himself on an enormous range and quantity of sources. . . . The writing and ideas are analytical and the documentation both full and detailed. . . . a real contribution to our understanding both of traditional and contemporary China. It advances our knowledge both of one of the greatest leaders of twentieth-century China, Mao Tse-tung, as well as the kinds of ideas which might influence Chinese leaders in general." -- Colin Mackerras

". . . a piece of painstaking work, well researched out and documented. The author is an unusual scholar of classical Chinese writings and philosophy as well as a person who has been educated in the Western social science tradition. . . . refreshingly original and it is worth the long wait." - William T. Liu

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