Revisiting the Legacy of Edward Bellamy (1850-1898) American Author and Social Reformer Uncollected and Unpublished Writings, Scholarly Perspectives for a New Millennium

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"Brings together a remarkably varied set of Bellamy materials." - Science Fiction Studies

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by George E. Connor
Foreword; Introduction
Uncollected Writings: Fiction: “A Providence” (1876); “Extra-Hazardous” (1877); “A Superfluity of Naughtiness” (1877); “Taking a Mean Advantage” (1879); “Jane Hicks” (1879); “That Letter” (1880)
Nonfiction (articles from the Springfield Daily Union): Education; Women’s Rights; Family Values; The Environment; Economic Equality; The Market Economy
Unpublished Writings: Excerpts from the Notebooks: Ideas for Looking Backward; Ideas for Equality; Story Ideas; Concepts, Issues, Themes
Unpublished Recollections of Bellamy: Excerpts from Mason Green’s “Edward Bellamy. A Biography of the Author of Looking Backward” ‘; Excerpts from Marion Bellamy Earnshaw’s “The Light of Other Days” ; John Stark Bellamy II, “Edward Bellamy through the Eyes of a Great Grandson”
Contemporary Bibliographical Work on Edward Bellamy: Annotated Secondary Bibliography (1988-2001) by Ron Howe, Rebecca Earley, Toby Widdicombe
Contemporary Critical Views: The Significance of Edward Bellamy to the New Millennium:
Edward Bellamy’s Concept of Economic Equality – Practical or Utopian? (John W. Baer)
The Influence of Edward Bellamy on the Future Evolution of Participatory Economics (Robin Hahnel)
Reconsidering Edward Bellamy in the Year 2000 (Ron Howe)
Ethical Capitalism: Redirecting the Global Market Economy toward Bellamy’s Quest for a Just Society (Herman S. Preiser)
What Future Readers Will See in Bellamy’s Looking Backward (Kenneth M. Roemer)
Afterword; Appendix – “The Stolen March”; Works Cited

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