Revised Edition of the Manly-Rickert Text of the Canterbury Tales

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Ramsey’s study describes the many obstacles that John Manly and Edith Rickert encountered and overcame during the course of producing their monumental Text of the Canterbury Tales (1940), and explains in careful detail the order in which the various volumes were written. It clarifies their conclusions, notably the three stages of Chaucer’s text (piecemeal dissemination of individual tales during Chaucer’s lifetime; composite productions by individual scribes; and productions in scribal shops), and responds to criticisms of their work.


"An extremely readable, interesting, even fascinating book. . . . It will be essential in all serious libraries in Europe and America.”
– Prof. Calvin Thayer
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From the Foreword
“[Ramsey’s] analysis is absolutely essential for a proper understanding of Manly and Rickert’s work, and his critiques of their critics are also invaluable.”
– Prof. Henry Ansgar Kelly
University of California -Los Angeles

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