Resurrection Narrative in Matthew: A Literary-Critical Examination

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This work concentrates on the story that the narrative tells and highlights certain themes within the narrative from the perspective of literary criticism. Particular attention is given to the themes that unify the narrative, plot development, and Matthew's characters and their points of view. Concludes by highlighting three themes: the element of conflict between Jesus and his disciples and the religious leaders; prophecy and fulfillment; and universal mission to the nations.


"This monograph is an impressive work that makes several significant contributions to the fields of biblical and literary studies. . . . The study offers what is certainly the best analysis of the structure of Matthew's resurrection account. . . . In addition, the work contains fascinating character sketches and thematic studies related to the text under consideration, and in what amounts to an excursus resolves to my satisfaction the perplexing question of how the hoi de construction in 28:17 ought to be translated. The last matter alone would be enough to justify the publication of this work." - Mark Allan Powell, co-chair of the Matthew Group for the Society of Biblical Literature

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