Restoration of Political Science and the Crisis of Modernity

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Brings together in three sections a collection of old and new papers in political philosophy focusing on the problem of understanding modern political reality. Section One is an analysis of the crisis of interpretation that has been in effect since the founding of social science (but has recently become acute). Section Two, informed with current questions in interpretation, is an analysis of the crisis of modernity itself. Section Three deals with the restoration of political philosophy, understood in part as a response to the crises analyzed in the previous two sections.


". . . an excellent study of the crisis of modernity and the related confusions among those who concern themselves with how to interpret it. . . . Cooper's work is best compared, in its insight and its clarity, with the works of those authors he takes as his measure: Eric Voegelin, Hannah Arendt, and Leo Strauss. It is therefore a work of political philosophy in its own right." - Zdravko Planinc in Scholarly Research and Review

"Cooper's call for moderation in political philosophy and his discussion of the nature of interpretation suggest an openness to other perspectives that would result in a common ground to address the crisis of modernity and the restoration of political science as a fundamental idiom for understanding human existence. In addition, the chapters discussing the relevance of Matthew Arnold for social and political criticism are particularly persuasive." - Canadian Journal of Political Science

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