Religious Celebrations in Segovia, 1577-1697

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“This study of the religious celebrations of Segovia is the most comprehensive to date on a subject for which material is lacking. The book is excellently researched and deals with its subject in a most clear manner which can be read easily. McGrath does not only study the different religious celebrations in the city of Segovia, but gives excellent background material on the Corpus Christi celebrations in Spain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. . . . McGrath includes a plethora of documents from the period studied which are very useful in informing the reader about what was involved in the planning, funding, and execution of these celebrations with their accompanying dramatic pieces in Segovia. The study is further enhanced by offering the reader the historical background and the description of certain religious celebrations peculiar to the city of Segovia, the most important one being the celebrations surrounding the Virgin of the Fuencisla. . . . This is not only an excellent addition to Golden Age religious studies, but it is evident that it was a labor of love on the part of its author.” – Angelo Di Salvo

“McGrath has a solid command of the existent scholarship on religious processions and sacramental plays in Golden Age Spain and thus is able to put the various bits of information culled from a thorough investigation of the contractual documents in the municipal and provincial archives of Segovia into a coherent context and order for his readers. . . . his English translations of the cited material will make the documents accessible for comparative studies of seventeenth-century theatrical history. . . . Golden Age scholars will welcome the access McGrath provides to previously unpublished historical documents.” – Patricia Kenworthy

"Its strength lies in its copious studies in the history of Spain's religious processions." - Sixteenth Century Journal

Table of Contents

1. Segovian Society in the 17th Century: A Brief History
2. Corpus Christi in Segovia: Historical Context
3. Corpus Christi Procession in Segovia
4. The Auto Sacramental
5. Other Religious Celebrations

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