Religion in Secularized Culture

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This work represents a rare historical and theological reflection in the English language on the role of the Christian Church in an Eastern European community. The Czech Republic, one of the most secularized nations in Europe, presents a unique study of the struggle of the Christian Church to engage in a dialogue with a profoundly secularized society. The book begins with a brief historical overview of Czech religious history from the Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century and then goes on to both identify and analyze in greater depth the issues that have surfaced since the revolution of 1989 as an ecclesiastical culture clashes with an evolving secularized one dominated by goals determined by a new economic system. The author believes that the experience of the Church in the Czech Republic offers valuable insights to the universal Church as it confronts the phenomenon of secularization in its Twenty-First Century expression.


“This is an exciting book that challenges the reader not only to gain information on how Christians in the Czech Republic cope with a highly secularized society but how Christians in other similar societies, including our own, can meet the challenges of our context….. DiDomizio is wonderfully balanced in his treatment and his critique. Even when he is critical of weaknesses of the religious responses he is kind and thoughtful rather than hostile. His treatment of the Catholics and Protestants is ecumenically minded--so much so that it is impossible to discern what is his own religious affiliation. I recommend enthusiastically that you publish the book.”- Dr. Paul Mojzes, Editor of Religion in Eastern Europe

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