Regional Integration in the Middle East

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This study analyzes the effects of globalization on the Middle East region, specifically examining inter-Arab relations and affairs and the international, regional, and institutional criteria for Middle East regional integration. By cross-examining similar schemes of regionalism in Latin America and Southeast Asia, certain political, economic, and institutional criteria are established for the process of such integration. This study should appeal to scholars of political science, economics, sociology, and Middle Eastern studies.


“Professor Aziz’s book on regional integration in the Middle East is a well-written scholarly analysis of an important issue whose course is too often taken for granted rather than seriously examined.” - Professor Barry Rubin, Director, Global Research in International Affairs Center

“Dr. Aziz’s analysis of the Middle East regional integration and inter-Arab cooperation is a welcome contribution to scholarship. This critical work discusses one of the most timely, sophisticated, and controversial topics, and provides an original study that will be a standard reference to socio-political and economic scholars, as well as to decision-makers and to those and to those who are concerned about the stability of the Middle East for many years to come.” - Dr. Hilmi M. Zawati, Bishop’s University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Barry Rubin
1 Introduction
2 Regional Integration Theories, Definitions, and Models
3 Economic Systems and Policies in the Middle East
4 Trade and Regionalism in the Middle East
5 Regionalism in the East Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East: A Comparative Analysis
6 Conclusion

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