Reception of Jacques Ellul's Critique of Technology

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This volume references books, articles, notices, dissertations, theses, and reviews that feature the life and work of Jacques Ellul (1912-1994), covering the seventy-year period from 1937 to 2007. In the bibliography, the broader references have been annotated in most cases, so as to offer the reader an idea of their content, which is organized alphabetically in the subject index. The author index should enable researchers to locate works whose author's name is known.


“The focal point of this work is Jacques Ellul (1912-94), a powerful influence on the thinking of many sociologists, ecologists, philosophers of technology, theologians, biblical scholars, social critics and reformers, activists, and ethicists - not only in his native France but in North America, Australia, Asia, indeed, all parts of the world ... In the present volume, then, Joyce Hanks has accomplished a task that many thought virtually impossible: to provide as close to a comprehensive bibliography of articles, essays, chapters, reviews, theses, and dissertations on Jacques Ellul as is possible.” - Dr. David W. Gill, President, International Jacques Ellul Society

“The range, depth, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of this bibliographical assessment of responses to and critical assessments of the voluminous work of Jacques Ellul is unprecedented ... This bibliography should help draw renewed attention to the work of one of the great French thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century ...” - Dr. Carl Mitcham, Professor of Liberal Arts & International Studies, Colorado School of Mines

“This is a splendid book, the best there is on the secondary literature for Ellul ... Dr. Joyce Hanks' zeal for accuracy and thoroughness makes her book an academic pleasure to read and consult ... This work is not just an indispensable resource, but a book that one wishes to study, work through by chronology and by subject matter, analyze by languages (such as French, English, German, Dutch, and Portuguese), and in the process come to grips with the intellectual terrain it opens up on technology, social issues, theology, politics, communications, and ethics.” - Dr. Clifford G. Christians, Research Professor of Communications and Media Studies, University of Illinois-Urbana

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgements
1 Books, Articles and Interviews
2 Dissertations
3 Reviews of Ellul’s Books
Author Index
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