Reading of Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica - The Poetics of Uncertainty

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Introduction. Great Expectations: Argonautica 1.1-558. The preliminary part of the poem; expectations of valorous deeds and divine favor; the ‘poetics of uncertainty.’
2. The Voyage to Colchis: Questions. The First and Second Book. Distance between men and gods; the inscrutability of divine will; uncertainty about Jason’s motivations and heroism.
3. Medea and Jason’s Trial. The Third Book. Hera; Medea and erotic passion; Aeetes; philia and its conflicts; Euripides’ Medea as a tragic model for the relationship of Jason and Medea.
4. From Colchis. . . Toward Corinth? The Fourth Book. The taking of the Golden Fleece; the murder of Apsyrtus; the Phaeacians and the marriage of Jason and Medea; uncertainty about Jason’s commitment to Medea and about the couple’s future.
Epilogue; Bibliography; Index

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