Racial Ethnic Imbalance in Guyana Public Bureaucracies: The Tension Between Exclusion and Representation

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This study explores the political participation levels of two major ethnic groups in Guyana, Indians and Africans. It is the first book on Guyana to empirically analyze to what extent the Guyanese society is divided along ethnic lines which feed into the political system, fostering the marginalization of the un/under-represented. Historical and contemporary data on education, health and allocation of public services are used.


“ . . . This is truly an exceptional case study on a unique socio-economic and geographical setting. . . a must-read piece of work.” - Prof. Dr. Baris Karapinar, University of Bern

“. . . Dr. Misir shows how an analysis of ethnic imbalance in the institutions of one country (Guyana) teaches lessons for many other countries.” - Prof. Michael Banton, University of Bristol

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